Talking With Us

My Christian friend Graeme, a very scholarly non-scholar, wrote this to me in discussing a question of mine about The Word: “…….. the Word is personal, not an abstraction.  Even in the first chapter of the bible the words “God said” occur ten times. This seems too much of a coincidence. The writer thought this to … Continue reading “Talking With Us”

Christian Thoughts On Responding To C-19

I asked my friend, Graeme, a Christian health worker who is on the “front lines” against the Coronavirus: “What should humanity do when God sends us pestilence?” Speaking as a health worker, Graeme, who belongs to the Uniting Church In Australia, answered: “First I would ask: Why has God sent us a pestilence? Eventually I … Continue reading “Christian Thoughts On Responding To C-19”

  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. What is meant by The Word in this sentence? Maybe a Universal Mind. Maybe Truth. In modern terms maybe Communication. Jesus, a man known to very many people as Lord Jesus, certainly knew a lot about communicating. … Continue reading “”

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